5 Tips for Effective Public Relations

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When seeking publicity for your business, it’s important to pitch stories in an effective way.

This maximizes the chances of your stories being picked up by journalists or influential bloggers and leads to favorable PR for your business.

Here are five tips for effective public relations.

Choose a journalist who is interested in and writes articles on the exact area in which your business is active.

So, if your business sells fashion accessories, don’t pitch to every fashion journalist that you can find but look for journalists and bloggers who regularly write articles about belts, bags and brooches.

If you refer to an article that the journalist has already written, you’ll be more likely to receive a positive response than if you send an email asking him or her to cover your story.

Start your email with a sentence that comments on a statement that the journalist made in a recent article.

Ask yourself how the publication’s readers would benefit from your story.

Answer this question when you pitch your story.

Journalists won’t pick up a story that doesn’t have any benefits for their audience.

Journalists and bloggers are more likely to be interested in your story if you can back it up with hard facts, especially if those facts point to a new trend.

For example, you could report the findings of an online poll on your website, which shows that female respondents spent 20 percent more on fashion accessories this summer compared with the previous year. This indicates that women are purchasing accessories to update existing outfits rather than buying completely new outfits.

Let the journalist know that you are always available to answer questions on the industry in which you work. These need not relate directly to your business.

If you build up a good relationship with a journalist or blogger and help them whenever they are carrying out background research for other stories, they will be much more likely to give your business publicity in a variety of articles and write about it favorably.

If you take some time using PR materials to establish, develop and maintain relationships with several bloggers and journalists, it won’t be long before your business is covered in a variety of online and offline media. It’ll then be easier to keep the wheels of effective PR in motion.

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