Discover the Delights of Belgium

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Bruges, Belgium, by hpgreusen via

Flat Flanders

In the north of Belgium, the province of Flanders has a flat landscape, similar to the Netherlands and the north of France.

Beautiful Bruges

Sometimes known as the Venice of the North, Bruges (or Brugge), is a heart-meltingly beautiful town dominated by canals.

Ancient Antwerp

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Antwerp, Belgium, by Reginasphotos via

Bustling Brussels

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The Grand Place (Main Square) in Brussels by Walkerssk via

Attractive Ardennes

The French-speaking region of Wallonia is in the south of the country. It has an undulating landscape, culminating in the picturesque Ardennes region of forested hills topped with castles.

Belgian Battlefields

Memorials and museums commemorating those who fought on the Belgian battlefields of World War I are found in and around the town of Ieper (Ypres).

Multilingual Mayhem

Belgium has three official languages that are each spoken in different parts of the country. Flemish, a version of Dutch, is the most widespread language, spoken in Flanders.

Terrific Transport

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The Best of Belgium

If you manage to navigate your way through the linguistic diversity of Belgium, you’ll discover the beauty of this historic country and find out that it offers much more than just a convenient position between several European countries.

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