Easy Ways to Make Your Life More Interesting

Roz Andrews
4 min readNov 29, 2017
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Does your life seem dull and boring? Do you follow the same routine every day? Do you wish that your life was more interesting but feel that there is nothing you can do to change it?

Many of us live from day to day stuck in our comfort zone, only to find that life is uneventful and unexciting.

It can seem frightening to leave your comfort zone, but the key is to start with small steps that can lead to greater improvements in your life.

Here are some easy ways to step out of your comfort zone and make your daily life more interesting.

Vary Your Daily Routine

There are many ways to vary your daily routine.

Drive a different route to or from work, or, better still, walk for all or part of the way and take time to admire nature or notice an interesting landmark.

At lunchtime, why not visit a café that you’ve never been to before or take a walk in an area that’s unfamiliar to you?

Instead of going straight home from work, stop somewhere on the way or even make a detour to visit an interesting place or meet a friend.

Be Spontaneous

Often life is dull because we’re never spontaneous. Each day is planned out in advance with little opportunity for spontaneity.

Look out for opportunities to do something unexpected during your day. You could do something kind for another person or look out for someone who needs help and offer your assistance.

A simple gesture such as buying a loved one some flowers or a small gift can also brighten your own day, as well as the day of the recipient.

Eat or Drink Something Different

It’s easy to slip into a routine when it comes to eating and drinking.

If you start each day with the same breakfast cereal, replace it with fresh fruit and yogurt.



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