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Air travel can be tiring and dehydrating, even during a short flight. For a long-haul flight, it’s even more important to be prepared for the discomfort that you may feel in the air.

Packing an in-flight comfort kit in your hand luggage can help you feel refreshed during your flight and prevent that tired, heavy feeling that can arise after you spend time in the air.

Below are suggestions for items that you could include in your in-flight comfort kit.

Buy a bottle of water just before you board your plane and sip it throughout the flight, in addition to the refreshments served. It’ll combat the effects of dehydration, and you’ll feel more energetic at the end of your flight.

Air travel can also dehydrate your skin. Take along a small pot of moisturizer so that you can keep your skin hydrated throughout the flight.

After several hours in the air, your face may begin to feel in need of refreshment. Use facial cleansing wipes to remove stale make-up and to allow your face to feel clean and refreshed before you leave the plane.

A hand sanitizer that doesn’t need to be rinsed off is a useful item to take on a flight. It’s easy to use before you eat your meals and after you encounter bathrooms that are not spotlessly clean.

The dehydrating atmosphere on board the plane may cause your hands to feel tight, so take along an intensively moisturizing hand cream. Apply it liberally during the flight.

After eating your airline meal, your mouth can start to feel grubby and your teeth can feel furry. Take a small travel-sized toothbrush and toothpaste with you to the bathroom and refresh your mouth.

The dry atmosphere may cause a headache, or your back may start to ache due to sitting in the same position for a long time. Be prepared for such eventualities by bringing along a pack of over-the-counter pain medication, such ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

After sitting in your clothes for several hours, you might begin to feel sweaty. A roll-on deodorant is the easiest way of applying deodorant under your clothes to freshen up and combat odors. You could also take a small bottle of perfume and apply it to your wrists during the flight.

There are several other items that you may wish to include in your in-flight comfort kit, such as a neck pillow or an eye mask.

Bear in mind that airline regulations may forbid you from carrying certain items in your hand luggage, such as liquids, including moisturizers, in containers that hold more than 3oz in the USA or 100ml in Europe.

It’s therefore wise to check with your airline before traveling to prevent any of the items in your in-flight comfort kit from being confiscated before you get on the plane.

Your in-flight comfort kit will help you feel good during your flight. When you reach your destination, you’ll feel energized, so that you’ll be able to deal with any situation you may face after your arrival, even if you’ve been on a long-haul flight.

What’s your favorite item in your in-flight comfort kit?

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