I’m getting better at knowing when it’s best to end a creative task for the day and go back to it tomorrow. I usually get to a point where I don’t know how to move forward. At that point, I used to struggle on for a few more hours and feel frustrated because I’d achieved very little. Now, I stop, take a break, do something else that’s work-related if necessary or finish for the day if I can allow myself to (!) and go back to the creative task tomorrow. When I do this, I ALWAYS move ahead with the creative task the next day — during the downtime, my brain is working on it but not consciously. That means I can go back to it with new insights and make real progress.

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Writer, editor, proofreader & founder of www.rawritersforhire.com and www.medium.com/small-steps, moving forward in life, one small step at a time.

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